Born in Sapporo, Tomio studied to become a chef and worked in several Japanese restaurants in Sapporo and Las Vegas before opening his own Ramen Sora branch in Sapporo. 
For the Philippine branch, Tomio has partnered with Chef Yoshi, Chef Norio, and Gerry Apolinario to bring in a brand, which he believes will become a household name.


  Born in Kyoto (the former capital of Japan), Chef Yoshi migrated to Las Vegas in the U.S. at age 21.He then finishes business marketing and hotel and restaurant management at the University of Illinois.
He partnered with his college friend to open Sushi Twister in Las Vegas; which became very popular that it created so much buzz reaching as far as Japan onto an old friend Tomio whom he has never seen for 12 years. 

The two rekindled their bond and came up with Ramen Sora(which means "Noodle Soup" and "Sky"). Yoshi agreed to partner with Gerry Apolinario of popular Filipino restaurant "Gerry's" because he was convienced that Gerry and his team could deliver the same quality food Ramen Sora is known for.